Underground Utility Locations

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• Optic fibre locating

• Copper cable locating

• Electromagnetic locators

• Ground penetrating radar

• Traceable rodders

• Non-invasive hole digging



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Australian Underground Utility Locations (AUUL) knows all there is to know about safely locating underground utilities and especially how important it is to drill before you dig.


AUUL understands the civil and building industries and is able to readily adapt to changing worksite conditions and time frames.


Here at AUUL we have all construction OHS site safety certificates, first aid tickets, trade licenses and comply with Workplace Health and Safety standards.


We are committed to ensuring Underground Damage Prevention and have the equipment to make sure the worksite is disrupted as little as possible.


AUUL can locate:

• Telecommunication and power cables
• Stormwater and sewerage drains
• Gas and water pipes and mains
• Sprinkler cables
• Fire Service lines

• We can also detect leaks and cable faults



AUUL Equipment


Electromagnetic locators

These are used to locate most utilities.

They consist of a transmitter - used for applying a signal to an insulated, metallic cable or pipe - and a receiver - used to pick up that signal.
They are used to find utilities like telephone, electrical and tracer wires, gas and water metallic pipes and security, fire or lighting systems.


Ground penetrating radar

These use electromagnetic waves to detect and locate image changes in the subsoil. The radar pulse provides high resolution images and can detect hidden and buried targets of any type of material (metallic or non-metallic).


Traceable rodders

These can track the route of buried or underground non-metallic telecom ducts or plastic pipes. The rodders are designed to be used with standard cable and pipe locating equipment to trace the length of the rod, making it easier to find non-conductive duct.


Call Mark for any underground utility location enquiry on 0418 329 370
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